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Atlanta Design Group

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Framed Mirrors frames are a high-quality product made by American manufacturers with excellent reputations. Framed Mirrors has quality-tested all of our frames and stands by their performance subject to the frames’ being cared for specifically as described below. Please use the same care as you would for a piece of fine furniture:

  • DUST frames with soft cloth or feather duster.
  • CLEAN with soft, water-dampened cloth only, using a light touch. Wipe dry gently. Sponges and “scrubbies” should not be used on or touch the frames.
  • DO NOT SPRAY ANY CLEANING PRODUCT on the frames or near the frames. Spray all vanity, mirror, and faucet cleaners on a rag to prevent the solvents from coming in contact with the frame. Should a cleaner or solvent come in contact with frame, wipe off immediately with damp cloth.
  • DO NOT use glass cleaner that contains ammonia.

Please note that any frame – whether wood, plastic or MDF – will be damaged by incorrect cleaning methods.

Frames that exhibit damage only or primarily near the faucet indicate that harsh chemicals have been used to clean the faucet and/or that in the process scrubbing the faucet, the frame has also been scrubbed. In these cases Framed Mirrors cannot be held responsible for damage and any implied warranty is null and void.