A beautiful mirror can be one of the grandest pieces in a home. However, few people know where the true value of a mirror once lay. Today, we find value in the frames of our mirrors, but just 170 years ago, it was the mirror glass that was most precious.

England’s King Henry VIII and France’s, Francis I were both avid collectors of mirrors. If there were anything fit for a king to collect, it was the mirror. While we may take it for granted today, the mirror was once literally worth its weight in gold and only the most affluent could even hope to own even a very small example. A medium-sized Venetian mirror was comparable in price to that of a naval ship or an aristocrat’s country home! Some French nobles were even known to sell off their country estates just to purchase a single mirror.

Mirror glass was a luxury during the latter 17th century, for it was in short supply and, at the time, only produced and exported from Italy. While our ancient ancestors fashioned mirrors from polished stones as early as 4000 B.C., it wasn’t until the 1st century that the Romans introduced a very rudimentary mirror made of glass. By the 14th century, the invention of glassblowing techniques in Europe refueled the interest in mirror production.


Atlanta Design Group is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of framed mirrors in the US, providing full turnkey solutions for Builders, General Contractors, Property Managers, and Interior Designers. IEven if your project is out of state, we provide full turnkey delivery and installation.

Transform Your Plain Mirror into an Elegant Focal Point!

Mirror Wraps™ Framed Solutions are easy to install, and they transform that large plain mirror in the bathroom into an elegant focal point. Each Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to mount directly onto an existing mirror.

What was old is new again!

Vintage Accents antique mirrors are handcrafted using silvering techniques passed down for generations. Vintage Accents distinctive style is an ideal alternative to clear mirrors as each of the 14 available patterns offer a visual elegance of times past. Vintage Accents are designed for a variety of applications including  judges’ panels, kitchen cabinets, ceiling tiles, or as a gorgeous framed mirror.

Illuminated Mirrors

• Perfect Lighting
• Maintenance Free
• Eco-Friendly
• UL, UL-C, Intl. Certification
• Available With TVs

Backlit Mirrors

Our Backlit mirrors offer an atmosphere of peaceful bliss and ethereal light. Loved for its perpetually elegant design and beautiful ambient wall glow, this splendid centerpiece can transform any room into a calming oasis. These mirrors use a dimmable LED light that is energy efficient and lasts for years.

TV Mirrors

Introducing the Hidden Reflections TV Mirror, an ultra-thin vanishing television mirror that has the appearance of being an attractive natural mirror. When it is turned off, it shows only a mirror reflection. When the TV is activated, it transforms into a window to the world. The Hidden Reflections series combines two technologies making it possible to add a television where it never seemed possible before.